Save A Golden Abroad (SAGA) is a registered, all volunteer, 501(c)3 non profit golden retriever rescue organization. There are no paid salaries and we offer no time or travel reimbursement. SAGA does not operate a dedicated office space or employ any clerical staff members. As a result we are both pleased and proud to assure you that every nickel, dime and dollar donated goes directly towards the travel and possible initial vetting of the rescued pups in our care. 

SAGA is allowed to continue our rescue mission through the kindness and generosity of caring individuals such as yourself. Please take a minute to consider your support for Save A Golden Abroad. You can donate by mailing a check directly to the address on this website's Contact Us tab, through PayPal to our account  or email SAGA with your contact information. A SAGA board member will contact you and arrange for a credit card donation. However you choose to financially support our rescue efforts, we Thank You.

Examples of a few typical rescue expenses per pup include -

New collar/leash           $25

Customs Fee                 $125

Travel Crate                   $150

Initial Vetting                 $200

Spay/Neuter                   $300

Heartworm Treatment   $550

International Airfare      $600 to $1150

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